Feb, 2005 Start to deliver 4-Wire Resistance and Touch Lens.
April, 2005 Start to deliver mass production of 4-Wire M/L-size Panel.
May, 2008 Develop and manufacture Projected Capacitive Touch Panel.
March, 2011 Develop 16-finger Real Touch Panel.
Oct, 2012 Mass Production of HP Multi-Touch graphic tablet.
Dec, 2012 OGS Multi-Touch to go on market
Mar, 2013  Implement 5”~12.1”on cell Process
May, 2013 Mass Production of  21.5″~27″  AIO PC Touch Panel
April, 2014 Mass Production of 7” Automotive Touch Panels
July,2014 Set up DongGuan KaiZhao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Nov, 2014 Mass Production of JP Sharp 4.5″ & 5″ Touch Panels
June, 2015 Mass Production of Automotive 8”
Sep, 2015 Mass Production of Automotive In-Dash Touch Panel
Jan, 2016 Mass Production of Smart Board
Mar, 2016 7″~12.3″ GG/straight/T-type Product for Automotive CID
July, 2016 Capacitive TP of 3”~55” for Industrial Computer
Oct, 2016 7″~12.3″ PG/straight/T-type Product for Automotive CID
July, 2017 Dual screen touch GG/straight/T-type Product for Automotive
Sep, 2017 4.3″~32″ Direct Bonding  with Metal frame LCM