Feb, 2005 Start to deliver 4-Wire Resistance and Touch Lens.
April, 2005 Start to deliver mass production of 4-Wire M/L-size Panel.
May, 2008 Develop and manufacture Projected Capacitive Touch Panel.
March, 2011 Develop 16-finger Real Touch Panel.
Oct, 2012 Mass Production of HP Multi-Touch graphic tablet.
Dec, 2012 OGS Multi-Touch to go on market
Mar, 2013  Implement 5”~12.1”on cell Process
May, 2013 Mass Production of  21.5″~27″  AIO PC Touch Panel
April, 2014 Mass Production of 7” Automotive Touch Panels
July,2014 Set up DongGuan KaiZhao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Nov, 2014 Mass Production of JP Sharp 4.5″ & 5″ Touch Panels
June, 2015 Mass Production of Automotive 8”
Sep, 2015 Mass Production of Automotive In-Dash Touch Panel
Jan, 2016 Mass Production of Smart Board
Mar, 2016 7″~12.3″ GG/straight/T-type Product for Automotive CID
July, 2016 Capacitive TP of 3”~55” for Industrial Computer
Oct, 2016 7″~12.3″ PG/straight/T-type Product for Automotive CID
July, 2017 Dual screen touch GG/straight/T-type Product for Automotive
Sep, 2017 4.3″~32″ Direct Bonding  with Metal frame LCM
Mar,2018 Mass Production of   9″ LCM for Automotive
Feb, 2019 Trial production of 10.1″ incell LCM for Automotive
May,2020 Trial production of 12.3″ incell LCM for Automotive
July, 2021 Mass Production of   7″ LCM for Automotive
Sep, 2022 Trial production of 21.5″ LCM for Charging pile
Jan, 2023 Lumi Crystal 12.3″ 1536 Zone  engineering sample
April, 2023 Trial production of 21.5″ TDM  for Charging pile
May, 2023 Lumi Crystal 15.6″ 576 Zone engineering sample
Oct, 2023 Mass Production of   4.3″ TDM for JP unmanned store payment machine
Nov, 2023 Trial production of Lumi Crystal 12.3″ 384 Zone  V1.0 for Automotive